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Hello, I am that neighbour that you have to talk to everyday, the one you may fall in love with or end up working with, I would piss you off from time to time, I may make you happy. I am that guy you would get to spend a large portion of your life with, we’ll probably fight daily. Once in a while we may be friends…

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  • Emma’s Love Story- Part One
    Emma’s Love Story- Part One

    I met my first boyfriend in my first year of university; he was so sweet and caring when we met. He was in his final year; he was your typical macho guy with all the handsomeness existing. I felt so protected with him; he loved me so much. He would make sure he saw me each day, and he always came with gifts and sweet words. He made my first year of school memorable. When he was graduating, he broke it off with me; he said he is not good with long-distance relationships. All the promises to always be by my side was broken just like that. He was the…

  • Dealing with Feedback
    Dealing with Feedback

    He will make it on his own; he just needs to find the right company that will hire him and give him the opportunity he needs to grow. He can do this on his own. His friends are all about starting a business and branching out of engineering entirely. That is not the plan he has for himself; they don’t understand him at all. Now, he has to see an uncle who is to give him some advice, and he is going prepared with the right answers. He will not be swayed.

  • The Workplace and Your Culture
    The Workplace and Your Culture

    John is also one of those guys that appear to be the perfect catch – he is very handsome and has a creamy chocolate complexion. He is a head taller than most people, and his velvety voice can command a room full of people. Being a passionate believer who has also discovered his purpose is more than icing on the cake. Yet, with all these qualities, Sophia has refused to give John an affirmative answer to his marriage proposal. Sophia believes that all bankers are stingy, and she doesn't think John is an exception.

  • What tribe are you?
    What tribe are you?

    "Mike, I don't know what you were thinking. This is why I should never have let you do your Nigerian youth service in that state. How can you decide to marry one of them? That woman will frustrate you to an early grave. Don't you know their women are very feisty?" "Ah ahn, mummy! She is a Christian na." "Common shut up! Even goat looks like sheep." "Mum, I have dated this lady for two years, her attitude is like no other. She is very humble, and she is God-fearing, she is too extroverted to have been pretending all these years." "See this boy o, so she is a Christian,…

  • My supervisor hates me
    My supervisor hates me

    When we were entering the university, the future we envisioned involved a mansion, a sweet car, sweet wife and sweet children. We planned to get a job immediately after graduation, live the baby boy life for two or three years. Then, get married, have children, work for five more years then retire young. Great bliss! That dream has shattered. This role as a Quality Assurance officer is doing everything within its power to kill that vision. The saddest part is that the role sounds very dignified, yet all I do daily is manually check the bottled drinks the company produces.